About Us

In 2015, Granby native Dr. Heather Pavlech returned to Connecticut to fulfill her dream of opening her own veterinary hospital.  Dr. Pavlech wanted to bring together veterinarians with expertise in emergency and critical care in a place specifically designed for such care. She envisioned a practice that could work with primary care veterinarians to help pet owners in an emergency. Today, that dream has become a reality. Every day, we strive to provide exceptional emergency care for your beloved pets.

Peace of mind in an emergency

We know how hard it is when your four-legged friend is not feeling well.  At Avon Veterinary Emergency Referral, we are committed to alleviating your worry when your pet is sick.  We do so by providing compassionate, experienced care when your primary veterinarian is not available.  Our veterinarians have the training,  experience, and resources necessary to make your pet feel better, fast.

Sleeping shih tzu and chihuahua